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A Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) program in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is an undergraduate engineering degree program that focuses on the study of aircraft maintenance, repair, and the principles of aviation technology. This program equips students with the knowledge and skills required to ensure the safe and efficient operation of aircraft through maintenance, inspection, and repair processes. Here are some common subjects and areas of study in a B.E. program in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering:

1. Aircraft Systems: Study of aircraft systems, including airframes, powerplants, avionics, and flight control systems.

2. Aviation Regulations: Education in aviation safety regulations, airworthiness requirements, and maintenance documentation.

3. Aircraft Maintenance Practices: Courses on aircraft inspection, troubleshooting, and repair techniques.

4. Aircraft Engines: Study of aircraft engines, including gas turbine engines and reciprocating engines, their operation, and maintenance.

5. Avionics and Instrumentation: Education in aircraft avionics systems, communication, navigation, and flight instrumentation.

6. Aircraft Structures and Materials: Courses on aircraft structural analysis, materials, corrosion control, and repair.

7. Maintenance Management: Study of aircraft maintenance management, planning, and scheduling.

8. Human Factors in Aviation: Education in human factors that affect aviation safety, error prevention, and crew resource management.

9. Aviation Safety and Accident Investigation: Courses on aviation safety, accident investigation, and safety management systems.

10. Aircraft Maintenance Laboratory: Hands-on experience in inspecting, repairing, and maintaining aircraft components and systems.

11. Aircraft Maintenance Projects: Many B.E. programs include hands-on projects where students work on real aircraft maintenance and repair projects.

A B.E. program in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering prepares students for careers in the aviation and aerospace industries, where they work in roles related to aircraft maintenance, inspection, and repair. Graduates may work as aircraft maintenance engineers, aviation technicians, or quality control inspectors for airlines, aircraft maintenance organizations, and aviation regulatory authorities. They play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and airworthiness of aircraft, contributing to the overall safety of the aviation industry. Additionally, some graduates may choose to pursue advanced certifications or licenses related to aircraft maintenance to further their expertise in the field.