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A Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) program in Mathematics and Computing is an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree program that combines elements of mathematics, computer science, and information technology. This program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to solve complex mathematical problems using computational methods, as well as to develop software applications and algorithms. Here are some common subjects and areas of study in a B.Tech. program in Mathematics and Computing:

1. Engineering Mathematics: Study of advanced mathematical concepts and their application to real-world problems.

2. Computer Science Fundamentals: Education in core computer science subjects, including programming, data structures, and algorithms.

3. Discrete Mathematics: Courses on mathematical structures, logic, and combinatorics.

4. Numerical Methods: Study of numerical techniques for solving mathematical problems and differential equations.

5. Algorithm Design and Analysis: Education in designing efficient algorithms and analyzing their computational complexity.

6. Data Science: Courses on data analysis, data visualization, and machine learning techniques.

7. Database Management: Study of database systems, data modeling, and SQL (Structured Query Language).

8. Software Engineering: Education in software design, development, and project management.

9. Operating Systems: Courses on operating system design, administration, and management.

10. Computational Mathematics: Study of mathematical modeling, simulation, and optimization using computers.

11. Information Security: Education in cybersecurity principles, encryption, and network security.

12. Mathematics and Computing Projects: Many B.Tech. programs include hands-on projects where students work on real-world mathematical and computing projects.

13. Internships: Some programs offer internships with technology companies, research institutions, or software development firms, providing practical experience in mathematics and computing settings.

A B.Tech. program in Mathematics and Computing prepares students for careers that require strong mathematical and computational skills. Graduates may work as data scientists, software engineers, mathematical modelers, and analysts in various industries, including finance, technology, research, and government. They play a crucial role in solving complex problems, developing software applications, and using computational tools to analyze and make data-driven decisions. Additionally, some graduates may choose to pursue advanced degrees in mathematics, computer science, or related fields to further their expertise in the interdisciplinary area of mathematics and computing.